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The French School „Anna de Noailles”

Stage: completed
Site area: 24000 sqm
Built area: 5075 sqm
Total built area: 13150 sqm

The French high school "Anna de Noailles", check one of the largest private educational units in the country, buy in going to move into a new home. The modern building, stomach in the northern Baneasa neighbourhood, close to the Police Academy, had been raised at the highest romanian and french standards.
The project is an unusual one, taking in account the number of included functions and technologies. The building hosts classrooms and laboratories as well as offices (administrative and teachers), soprts areas (sports hall), sleeping areas for children (kindergarden bedrooms), lunch zone (kichens, dining room), entertainment areas (theater hall), medical office, technical areas, storage areas etc. The base concept was ensuring the transparency of the building and natural lighting. We succeded this by using large glazing areas in the ground floor, through free access on both sides, in the main access area of the high school as well as the secondary access to the kindergarden and the school. The inner common spaces are also opened towards the exterior. At the same time there is communications between the pavilions. Besides the 33 classrooms, the complex includes 14 laboratories, library and reading rooms, bedrooms (for kindergarden), generous theare hall with 200 places, lunch area with 350 places and other spaces for school activities. The complex also includes a 10(7) m high, 1000 sqm sports hall. The soprts hall is half buried in the ground in order to not obstruct the nighbouring administrative wing. The terrace of the sports hall will be covered with vegetation. Also, the complex includes another 200 sqm gymnastics hall.
For outdoor sports and recreational activities, the complex features playgrounds, basketball terrains, handball terrain, minifootball terrain with three surrounding running tracks. The areas are separated by age categories. The wings of the building are placed 45 degrees to the long side of the courtyard in order to save space and to provide natural lighting.
The access road in the courtyard is 300 meters long and ends in a roundabout. On one side there are parking lots and spaces reserved for coaches. The parking lots amount to over 100. There are also plaforms for firefighters intervention in care of fire.
A problem was represented by the existing nut trees on site, on in the vicinity of the main road, the only area where could be placed the mini football terrain. Given the fact that the nut tree is protected by the romanian law, some of the trees went through the difficul prcess of relocation, under the careful supervision of the environment authorities. This is the first action of this kind.
Overall, this project represents a refference for what an educational facility can offer in Romania.