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PUZ Ansamblul Băneasa

Stage: approved
Address: Bucuresti, malady Sector 1, Soseaua Bucuresti Ploiesti  nr. 42-44
Year: 2006-2007 (PMB decision)
Studied area: 2900000 m²
Approved function: offices, hotel, commerce, single family and collective housing, services, public utilities

Description: For the land with 2240000 m² area, the urban zonal development plan was created in order to update the„Ansamblul Baneasa” urban zonal development plan approved by CGMB in 2005 (designed by the Western Outdoor under another name) with the public utilities executed and designed up to that moment, with the adjustement of the building conditions according to the trends of the real estate market and with the reconfiguration of some areas in order to prepare the building of an complex functions area: the United States Embassy.